Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sample Resumes for Freshers

Freshers sample resumes available on the web can be of great help for those who have just passed out from college education. These resume samples are prepared specially for fresh graduates, however these can also be used by people who are already in some job but yet to gain relevant work experience.

You should know how to modify the sample resume according to your situation. You should pay attention to various aspects including the format, career objectives, skill set, educational information, and also personal info. These should be presented in proper format in your resume. The resume should give enough importance to your career objective, which is often neglected by fresher applicants. The career objective should explain why you want to apply for the job vacancy and what you can contribute with the job if hired.

Under the Experience heading, freshers can mention details on any apprenticeship or training programs completed. The summary can also briefly present your extracurricular activities and achievements in your school or college. This helps to explain your specific role in the mentioned activity, and give the potential employer a hint of your abilities and skills.

As you are a fresher applicant, details about your educational achievement should be given extra focus. This would provide the potential employer information about how well you did during your academic years.

The following is a Sample outline of your fresher resume:


(This need not be your birth name – you can put the name you currently go by.)


City, State Zip
Mobile Phone number:
Email: (Ensure that this email ID looks professional.)


(Clearly highlight the career targets that you want to achieve, and the value that you can create for the hiring company.)


(You can give a brief summary of the important highlights of your education, your significant qualifications, and special skills.)


(This heading should be given a lot of focus in a fresher resume. Make sure this heading is at the top of your resume.)


(This is another important heading for a fresher resume. Make sure you mention only skills that are relevant and those that you really possess. Example: SAP, Microsoft Word, Outlook Express, etc. You can also list additional languages that you know. Avoid listing any soft skills here.


(As you are a fresher, you can either omit this heading, or you can include details of any apprenticeship program that you have competed.)

Finally, you should also include personal details including your gender, age, languages known, etc.

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