Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MBA Fresher Resume

Your MBA fresher resume is the one that makes the first impression on your potential employer. It is also where you can effectively highlight your aptitude and skills related to the job. MBA fresher resumes are unique, as the end addressees and their expectations are different from other employers. That is why you need write your MBA fresher resume in a special way.

Essentially an MBA fresher resume should include the institution where you had your education, Specialization, and MBA qualification relevant to your job search. You should also mention any special courses that you have taken for the job applied for. Do not try to fill your resume with technical jargon; even if you hold a technical MBA. Just highlight your special skills that can be useful for the job. Even a common man should be able to understand your resume.

As this is a fresher resume, you need to bring the entire spotlight to your education, and your other academic achievements. You can also mention about the apprenticeships and training programs that you have completed.

Tips for Writing your MBA Fresher Resume

See that your objective statement is short and sweet. Your educational qualification and skill set should be clearly noticeable for the reader. Never beat around the bush. It is more effective to keep it simple. Do not state any wrong information. If you lie, there is a chance of getting caught during background verification.

Make the resume easy to read. Do not use huge chunks of content. Instead, you can use bulleted lists to make the information more readable. Ensure that what you have listed is relevant to the job. Your resume should stand out. Make it as innovative and unique as possible. The resume should be impressive enough for the employer to call you for the interview.

Usually, there is a particular format followed for MBA fresher resumes; the recruiters look for this. As they have got accustomed to using a given format, they expect the information to be given in that order. So it is better to follow the specific format for MBA fresher resumes. You can find such formats on the internet itself. Go though the resume before sending it to the employer. Proofread and do any corrections if necessary. You can use a spell checker.

Remember, there are thousands of MBA candidates applying for fresher positions. The recruiters never have enough time to go through the resumes. So it is important to follow the resume guidelines and also keep make your resume as interesting as possible. Or else there is a chance of your resume ending up in a trash bin.

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