Monday, March 15, 2010

Sample Fresher Resume

Sample Fresher Resume

If you are a recent graduate without work experience, your resume can be your first step to a dream career. The first impression is the best impression, and this rule very well holds good for fresher resumes too. The reason is that the resume is the first thing that introduces a fresher candidate to a potential employer. Most of the fresher interview calls depend a lot on how the resume is written and presented. And there is only a small time available for impressing the employer with the resume. So, a fresher should put in all the effort needed to make the resume look as good as possible.

The following is the basic format for writing a fresher sample resume:


Position your name, contact address, phone number and email addresses at the center of the resume’s top part. Specify whether the phone numbers are for your residence or your mobile phone. Do not list phone numbers that don’t work; this will only irritate the employer.

Career Objective and Vision

While writing the “Objective” is a common practice in resume writing, it is also an area where you should be very careful. Writing the wrong Objective may disqualify your resume for the applied job vacancy. Always make sure that your “Objective” is relevant to the job designation you are applying for. The objective statement should clearly express your planned career path and your field of interest. Keep it specific rather than simply writing a generic objective that can be used for any resume.

Educational Qualifications

As a fresher, you should remember to give more focus for your educational qualification. You can highlight your academic achievements such us your high grades and so on. See that the info about your Education is listed in reverse sequential order, consisting of the Degree, Discipline, Name of the Institution, and the Year of Graduation.

Extra Curricular Activities

Mention your special interests and hobbies. It is better if the hobbies you mention relate to the job you are applying for. You can also mention any certificates, or awards you have received for your hobbies.

Work Experience

As you are a fresher, it is obvious that you don’t have any work experience. However, you can mention details of any apprenticeship or training programs that you have completed.


List reference names and address only if you are sure that the referenced person knows you well. It is better to use references whom the employer can readily contact. Never list an unknown person as a reference.

Additional Skills

This is where you can highlight other abilities and skills that are not instantly noticeable by your educational qualification. Example: knowledge in software tools, foreign languages, etc.

Declaration Statement

And finally, you can conclude the resume with a signed declaration stating that all the information you have mentioned is true to the best of your knowledge.

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