Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sample Resumes for Freshers

Freshers sample resumes available on the web can be of great help for those who have just passed out from college education. These resume samples are prepared specially for fresh graduates, however these can also be used by people who are already in some job but yet to gain relevant work experience.

You should know how to modify the sample resume according to your situation. You should pay attention to various aspects including the format, career objectives, skill set, educational information, and also personal info. These should be presented in proper format in your resume. The resume should give enough importance to your career objective, which is often neglected by fresher applicants. The career objective should explain why you want to apply for the job vacancy and what you can contribute with the job if hired.

Under the Experience heading, freshers can mention details on any apprenticeship or training programs completed. The summary can also briefly present your extracurricular activities and achievements in your school or college. This helps to explain your specific role in the mentioned activity, and give the potential employer a hint of your abilities and skills.

As you are a fresher applicant, details about your educational achievement should be given extra focus. This would provide the potential employer information about how well you did during your academic years.

The following is a Sample outline of your fresher resume:


(This need not be your birth name – you can put the name you currently go by.)


City, State Zip
Mobile Phone number:
Email: (Ensure that this email ID looks professional.)


(Clearly highlight the career targets that you want to achieve, and the value that you can create for the hiring company.)


(You can give a brief summary of the important highlights of your education, your significant qualifications, and special skills.)


(This heading should be given a lot of focus in a fresher resume. Make sure this heading is at the top of your resume.)


(This is another important heading for a fresher resume. Make sure you mention only skills that are relevant and those that you really possess. Example: SAP, Microsoft Word, Outlook Express, etc. You can also list additional languages that you know. Avoid listing any soft skills here.


(As you are a fresher, you can either omit this heading, or you can include details of any apprenticeship program that you have competed.)

Finally, you should also include personal details including your gender, age, languages known, etc.

MBA Fresher Resume

Your MBA fresher resume is the one that makes the first impression on your potential employer. It is also where you can effectively highlight your aptitude and skills related to the job. MBA fresher resumes are unique, as the end addressees and their expectations are different from other employers. That is why you need write your MBA fresher resume in a special way.

Essentially an MBA fresher resume should include the institution where you had your education, Specialization, and MBA qualification relevant to your job search. You should also mention any special courses that you have taken for the job applied for. Do not try to fill your resume with technical jargon; even if you hold a technical MBA. Just highlight your special skills that can be useful for the job. Even a common man should be able to understand your resume.

As this is a fresher resume, you need to bring the entire spotlight to your education, and your other academic achievements. You can also mention about the apprenticeships and training programs that you have completed.

Tips for Writing your MBA Fresher Resume
See that your objective statement is short and sweet. Your educational qualification and skill set should be clearly noticeable for the reader. Never beat around the bush. It is more effective to keep it simple. Do not state any wrong information. If you lie, there is a chance of getting caught during background verification.

Make the resume easy to read. Do not use huge chunks of content. Instead, you can use bulleted lists to make the information more readable. Ensure that what you have listed is relevant to the job. Your resume should stand out. Make it as innovative and unique as possible. The resume should be impressive enough for the employer to call you for the interview.
Usually, there is a particular format followed for MBA fresher resumes; the recruiters look for this. As they have got accustomed to using a given format, they expect the information to be given in that order. So it is better to follow the specific format for MBA fresher resumes. You can find such formats on the internet itself. Go though the resume before sending it to the employer. Proofread and do any corrections if necessary. You can use a spell checker.

Remember, there are thousands of MBA candidates applying for fresher positions. The recruiters never have enough time to go through the resumes. So it is important to follow the resume guidelines and also keep make your resume as interesting as possible. Or else there is a chance of your resume ending up in a trash bin.

HR Fresher Resume

The HR department takes care of all the major functions of an organization. Without HRD, the company’s sustenance will gradually come to an end. As implied by the name, the functions of HR comprises of staffing, HR training, reimbursement, and conducting appraisals. The HRD does the job of hiring new employees if there is any shortage in manpower, upholds the infrastructure, performs promotional work, and ensures that the firm’s administration is as efficient as possible. Other jobs of HR department include determining the monthly pay, bonuses, and other monetary benefits for the employees.
Those who are looking to get into a HR career should have completed an MBA in Human Resources Management. Apart from that, they should also know how to organize a HR MBA fresher resume that can create the best impression in the minds of prospective employers.

Preparing the HR Fresher Resume
Before preparing your HR fresher resume, you should collect all the info on your basic and professional education. You should be frank in explaining your actual temperament and individuality without concealing or showing off any quality excessively. The resume should be able to show that your real personification is one that is suitable for a career in HR.

Use a plain paper for the resume and write down your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address, on the top in bold letters. Under the name and address, you can continue with the following subheadings.

Career Objective and Vision

Here is where you explain the HR job position which you are looking to get into. The position you are looking for should be based on the skill, knowledge, and relevant experience that you have already gathered in the area of HR.


Here you should write down all the unique and special qualities in your temperament, your past achievements, and the awards you have attained by now for your extraordinary role in HR.

Educational Qualifications

Here you should list all the general education that you have completed, such as, Post Graduation, Graduation, and High School. List these details in reverse chronological order.

Professional Qualifications

Under this heading, you should mention details on the various professional training programs you have completed in the HR discipline. This is where you mention information about your MBA degree such as the name of the management institute and your year of graduation.


Here you can provide detailed information on experience you have already gained in any organization’s HR function. Explain your job profile, including your various responsibilities and the goals you accomplished for the company. Here too, the information should be in reverse chronological order.

Supplementary Skills
This is a very important heading for HR freshers. Here is where you get the opportunity to explain how you have taken extra efforts to gain job related skills. You can display your specialized skill set, including knowledge on Software tools, HR relevant technologies, etc under this heading.

Overall, see that you use action and HR related words to project yourself as a professional applicant. Never try to write a generalized resume that just describes everything that you have ever done. Instead, just make sure that you include only the information that is relevant and useful to the HR fresher job you are applying for.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sample Fresher Resume

Sample Fresher Resume

If you are a recent graduate without work experience, your resume can be your first step to a dream career. The first impression is the best impression, and this rule very well holds good for fresher resumes too. The reason is that the resume is the first thing that introduces a fresher candidate to a potential employer. Most of the fresher interview calls depend a lot on how the resume is written and presented. And there is only a small time available for impressing the employer with the resume. So, a fresher should put in all the effort needed to make the resume look as good as possible.

The following is the basic format for writing a fresher sample resume:


Position your name, contact address, phone number and email addresses at the center of the resume’s top part. Specify whether the phone numbers are for your residence or your mobile phone. Do not list phone numbers that don’t work; this will only irritate the employer.

Career Objective and Vision

While writing the “Objective” is a common practice in resume writing, it is also an area where you should be very careful. Writing the wrong Objective may disqualify your resume for the applied job vacancy. Always make sure that your “Objective” is relevant to the job designation you are applying for. The objective statement should clearly express your planned career path and your field of interest. Keep it specific rather than simply writing a generic objective that can be used for any resume.

Educational Qualifications

As a fresher, you should remember to give more focus for your educational qualification. You can highlight your academic achievements such us your high grades and so on. See that the info about your Education is listed in reverse sequential order, consisting of the Degree, Discipline, Name of the Institution, and the Year of Graduation.

Extra Curricular Activities

Mention your special interests and hobbies. It is better if the hobbies you mention relate to the job you are applying for. You can also mention any certificates, or awards you have received for your hobbies.

Work Experience

As you are a fresher, it is obvious that you don’t have any work experience. However, you can mention details of any apprenticeship or training programs that you have completed.


List reference names and address only if you are sure that the referenced person knows you well. It is better to use references whom the employer can readily contact. Never list an unknown person as a reference.

Additional Skills

This is where you can highlight other abilities and skills that are not instantly noticeable by your educational qualification. Example: knowledge in software tools, foreign languages, etc.

Declaration Statement

And finally, you can conclude the resume with a signed declaration stating that all the information you have mentioned is true to the best of your knowledge.