Tuesday, March 16, 2010

HR Fresher Resume

The HR department takes care of all the major functions of an organization. Without HRD, the company’s sustenance will gradually come to an end. As implied by the name, the functions of HR comprises of staffing, HR training, reimbursement, and conducting appraisals. The HRD does the job of hiring new employees if there is any shortage in manpower, upholds the infrastructure, performs promotional work, and ensures that the firm’s administration is as efficient as possible. Other jobs of HR department include determining the monthly pay, bonuses, and other monetary benefits for the employees.

Those who are looking to get into a HR career should have completed an MBA in Human Resources Management. Apart from that, they should also know how to organize a HR fresher resume that can create the best impression in the minds of prospective employers.

Preparing the HR Fresher Resume

Before preparing your HR fresher resume, you should collect all the info on your basic and professional education. You should be frank in explaining your actual temperament and individuality without concealing or showing off any quality excessively. The resume should be able to show that your real personification is one that is suitable for a career in HR.

Use a plain paper for the resume and write down your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address, on the top in bold letters. Under the name and address, you can continue with the following subheadings.

Career Objective and Vision

Here is where you explain the HR job position which you are looking to get into. The position you are looking for should be based on the skill, knowledge, and relevant experience that you have already gathered in the area of HR.


Here you should write down all the unique and special qualities in your temperament, your past achievements, and the awards you have attained by now for your extraordinary role in HR.

Educational Qualifications

Here you should list all the general education that you have completed, such as, Post Graduation, Graduation, and High School. List these details in reverse chronological order.

Professional Qualifications

Under this heading, you should mention details on the various professional training programs you have completed in the HR discipline. This is where you mention information about your MBA degree such as the name of the management institute and your year of graduation.


Here you can provide detailed information on experience you have already gained in any organization’s HR function. Explain your job profile, including your various responsibilities and the goals you accomplished for the company. Here too, the information should be in reverse chronological order.

Supplementary Skills

This is a very important heading for HR freshers. Here is where you get the opportunity to explain how you have taken extra efforts to gain job related skills. You can display your specialized skill set, including knowledge on Software tools, HR relevant technologies, etc under this heading.

Overall, see that you use action and HR related words to project yourself as a professional applicant. Never try to write a generalized resume that just describes everything that you have ever done. Instead, just make sure that you include only the information that is relevant and useful to the HR fresher job you are applying for.

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